Support the project:
The Authentic Self Project was launched by Emily because of the importance of sharing stories, surrounding mental health. Hoping to inspire those who may be suffering and begin to have conversations. Shooting and collecting these stories takes time and money on writing, editing, equipment, administration and much more. We want as many people as possible to view the project, so the goal is to set up an exhibition and publish a book. 
 Any help would be appreciated. It could even be a simple share on your social media platforms, such as, if you have the 'swipe up' feature on Instagram/other platforms. Or showing friends and family. 
If you have any advice or knowledge on applying for funding please do get in touch
I'm currently accepting donations, no matter how small. 
There will be various rewards for supporting the project, such as exclusive book copies in the future. 
On the PayPal page linked above, please untick the box that says 'goods or services', this way we can avoid fees and will be able to save money for the project. Thank you.
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